Aleksei Fomkin
  • Birthplace

    Moscow, RSFSR, USSR

  • Birthday
    August 30, 1969

    February 24, 1996

Aleksei Fomkin

Born in Moscow in an ordinary (not acting) family. He studied at school number 516 in the south-west of Moscow. He was a "not the best" student, always sitting on the back desk. Teachers often complained about him. In 1976-1979 he studied at the "Children's Puppet Theater" at the Dynamo plant, then - at the "ZIL Theater Theater Studio". It is incomprehensible how he got on the set of Yeralash, how he caught the eye of Pavel Arsyonov and got the role of Kolya Gerasimov... In 1988 he graduated from high school, worked as a loader before the army. He served in the army in the city of Angarsk, Irkutsk region. After serving in the army, Aleksey got a job at the Gorkiy Moscow Art Theater, but three months later he was fired for systematic absenteeism. After the theater, he went to work on a construction site as a house painter, but he soon quit. Trying to get rid of drug addiction, Alex left Moscow and left for the Vladimir region, in the small village of Bezvodnoye, where he settled alone in an empty house. In the village, he got a job, became a miller. In Vladimir, Aleksey Fomkin met his future wife Lena. After the wedding, he moved to his wife from Bezvodnoy to Vladimir. On February 22, 1996, Aleksey and his wife were invited by friends to celebrate Soviet Army Day. On the night of February 23-24, 1996, the apartment suddenly caught fire, everyone except Aleksei managed to escape. During the fire, he was sleeping and therefore could not leave the apartment on time. Tragically died choking smoke on February 24, 1996 in Vladimir, Russia. He was buried near Vladimir, at the Ulybyshevo cemetery.

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