Fantastic Four 1994
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Fantastic Four 1994
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When Reed Richards, Sue and Johnny Storm and pilot Ben Grimm take a premature space flight on a new shuttle, they find themselves massively bombarded with cosmic radiation. Barely managing to re-enter and land safely, the quartet find themselves forever transformed with superpowers. Deciding to use these new powers to help people, they form the Fantastic Four, a superhero team dedicated to the protection of Earth from menaces like the Latverian King Dr. Doom and Galactus, the planet consumer.

Main Cast & Crew
Quinton Flynn
Johnny Storm (voice)
Brian Austin Green
Human Torch (voice)
Beau Weaver
Mr. Fantastic (voice)
Lori Alan
Invisible Woman (voice)
Stan Lee
Production/Executive Producer
Ron Friedman
Production/Supervising Producer
Avi Arad
Production/Executive Producer
Bernd Eichinger