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Mercy Point
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Mercy Point is an American science fiction series that ran from the fall of 1998 to the midsummer of 1999 on UPN. The series, set in the mid-23rd century, took place on a deep-space medical space station that catered to the medical needs of both humans and aliens, and served as a crossroads for both human and alien civilizations, as well as between the military and civilian agencies of human culture. While short-running, the series benefited from complex characters and intriguing hints at the greater universe outside of the hospital's hull. It was created by Trey Callaway, David Simkins, and Milo Frank and executive produced by Trey Callaway, Michael Katleman, Lee David Zlotoff, Peter Guber, Scott Sanders, and Joe Voci.

Mercy Point seasons
Main Cast & Crew
Rick Ravanello
Mednaut Thurston
Joe Morton
Dr. Grote Maxwell
Brian McNamara
Dr. Caleb 'C.J.' Jurado
Maria del Mar
Dr. Haylen Breslauer
Alexandra Wilson
Dr. Dru Breslauer
Jordan Lund
Dr. Batung
Joe Spano
Dr. DeMilla
Larry Cedar
Charles Bantam
Joe Pascual
Mednaut Westhusing