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Rewind to Wai Tak-shun’s childhood days and Tak-shun is devastated due to his father Wai King-yan’s death. He then has mood swings and loses interest in everything. He even completely forgets about his father. For Tak-shun’s sake, his mother Tse Mei-sheung and uncle Tse Tim-sing never mention King-yan’s death. Fate brings Tak-shun and Fung Cho-yee, who is the daughter of some second-hand store owner, together. She notices Tak-shun seems to be able to detect the resonances of old things. Tak-shun and Cho-yee help many people deal with their worries as Tak-shun reveals hidden tales through bizarre objects in the store. Tak-shun is led by some old object to eventually uncover the truth behind his father’s death, and he has to again endure the pain of yesteryear.

Main Cast & Crew
Matthew Ho
Wai Tak-shun
Hera Chan
Fung Cho-yee
Raymond Cho
Tse Tim-sing
Yvonne Lam Yi Kei
Tse Mei-sheung